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I didn't visit DA for a while due to a busy shedule. So, when I logged in today I found out to my great surprise that I got a DD in that period!!
The paintings I am working on:
Our daughter Luna playing with light.
My website is online again.
You can find it here:
Check this artist out. Wonderfully crafted mindboggling drawings. Superb technique and mood.
While is still don't have a proper place to paint[I hope it will be solved soon...], I can work on my computer so I made a new video:
It is build around a poem written by Deborah Valentine and Bernard Dumaine.
I hope you will like it!:)
Thanks everybody for faving commenting and watching!
I was away for a while so things piled up here, I am sorry that I couldn't reply on everything beceause of that.
I will try to reply on every new comment etc.

I also uploaded a new video on youtube. Hope you will like it.…
I have uploaded a new video on youtube.
The lyrics are a collaboration between Deborah Valentine and Bernard Dumaine.
The voice you hear is Bernard's, with some effects.
I have been expirementing with 3D fractals using Mandelbulb 3d.
Here's a video I have made:…

I am very glad to be in this book.:)
This project is done by Otto Rapp… has done a wonderful job!

You can order it here:…
I have a new video up and running on Youtube called: Dreamtime.
Hope you will like it:)……
Some extraordinary art sites:……
A must see:
working like mad
For the people who like to vote for  the Saatchi showdown:
I uploaded a work for that showdown.:)…

Thanks in advance!
I am sorry that I didn't reply on my mail here lately..
Life was extremely busy with iur newborn daughter.
I will try to catch up and look at tons of deviations and messages:)
I even lost my subscription:)

At this moment I am also participating in the surreal International exhibition 2010.
On april 5 our daughter Luna was born.:)
A beautiful healthy little girl:)

I am very lucky to be part of this exhibition and I look forward to the new Dreamscapes book which will be presented at the opening of the exhibition.…